Stephen Reynolds is a writer, director, editor, cameraman and novelist that has built a reputation for shooting fast, with not a lot of budget and producing extremely high production values. He is known for his fast paced shooting style and energy whilst maintaining a strong and slick visual aesthetic. His first independent feature ‘Vendetta’ starring Danny Dyer was shot for a mere £100k in 18 days and was praised for it’s cinematic look and expensive feel helping the very popular film become the biggest non-theatrical release of 2013 and was soon followed up with a trip to the USA where WWE studios and Lionsgate hired him to direct ‘12Rounds3:Lockdown’ as part of a slate of film called ‘The action six pack’. With a budget of $2.5 million and shot in 16 days the film superseded the look of any of the other films shot in that slate and was again praised for it’s high production values and blockbuster action feel and he was brought back to direct the high octane, fast paced thriller ‘Interrogation’, this time delivering a movie with larger scope, more locations, explosions, car chases and bigger setups in a mere 15 days this time.

Between the movies he still runs his production company ReynoldsFilms, which started in 2008 producing promotional films for a diverse range of companies and has built a huge stable of regular clients from authors needing averts for books, to promo films for Universities and Martial Artists and the Fitness industry. He also produced the shorts films ‘Snowman’ and ‘Boy and Wolf’ through ReynoldsFilms and recently did a ‘Ted’ talk about his journey from being a warehouse worker to Hollywood film director.

Stephen is a prolific writer with a small stack of screenplays in a range of budgets in various stages of development. Following ‘Prowler’ he will follow up with ‘Too long the night.’ A psychological road movie which centres on two contract killers and a 15 year old girl in a car with the police hot on their tail and is continually focused on turning a number of his screenplays in to novels following the books following the novelizations of ‘The Redemption of Alice Daggett and ‘Prowler’.





The TEDx Talk

In January 2016 Stephen took to the stage to give back his experiences from humble beginnings in Coventry and working in a factory to getting on a plane and flying to LA to secure a movie deal with a major studio.

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