The Redemption of Alice Daggett

Written by Stephen Reynolds

During the late 1800’s a harsh winter has taken hold of west Wyoming. During a furious blizzard Alice Daggett lets two drifters in to her home but her hospitable actions will change her life forever when the men brutally slay her family and leave her for dead.

Now, as she recovers from her savage injuries she will seek out a legendary gunslinger to teach her how to shoot and hunt down the men responsible, leading her down a vicious road of retribution and personal absolution.


The Redemption of Alice Daggett is a violent story of revenge and justice on the frontier, combining visceral emotion with survivalist grit as one woman journeys through a physical and emotional transformation that will change her life forever.



Written by Stephen Reynolds

Who are you really when no one is looking?

Michael knows.

That’s one of the reasons he has had enough of society. He has traded the ‘ordinary life’ to become an eccentric homeless loner, living off the grid in the sewers beneath the façade of the city. No phone. No bank account.
For months he has been preparing for a great winter storm that he believes will bring about the end of mankind, returning the world to the animal kingdom, much to Michael’s happiness.

And tonight it may just hit.

As the temperature drops and the snow moves in Michael navigates the surface one last time, finding sustenance from burgling people’s homes while they sleep -in a fiendish exercise of blatant disregard for home security - and pawning their goods so he can buy one final choice item.

However, it’s not just their possessions he wants but a twisted desire of being up close and personal with strangers, at their most vulnerable, he needs to feed.

Prowler is a haunting, atmospheric journey through a Neo-Noir-esque world, navigated by a twisted, nihilistic drifter living outside of the social realms, making all manner of judgments on modern day culture from religion and the economy to capitalism over climate and our senseless red tape culture.


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Paperback £4.99 Free Delivery

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