TOO LONG THE NIGHT - Budget £150k - £500k

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With the cops on their tail, a pair of hitmen are forced to go head to head when they kidnap a savvy 15 year old girl they should have left for dead.


It’s Halloween.

Contract Killers Grady, a cool, grizzled veteran, and Boyd, a young, brash sociopath, venture in to the countryside to murder a witness under armed guard, in a safe house, due to testify against their imprisoned boss and kidnap his 15 year old daughter who is dressed up as little Red Riding Hood. But soon Boyd realises all is not as it seems when he discovers they were supposed to leave no survivors.

When he confronts Grady about why they have taken the girl it becomes apparent that Grady is following his own agenda. At the risk of squandering their fee Boyd shoots Grady, leaving him for dead and takes off with the girl with sinister intent. But Grady isn’t done for and soon he is on their tail to rescue the girl from Boyd’s perverse hand, all the while being plagued by visions of a mysterious Wolf


With the police closing in, a cat and mouse game across nocturnal England ensues where the trio will have to choose their ally carefully and use a combination of wit, deception and sheer violence to survive.


‘Too long the night’ is a powerful, violent, character driven kidnap thriller in the tone of COLLATERAL, LEON and LOCKE with a great twist that will have audiences watching it again in a completely different light.

PROWLER - Budget £150k - £500k

Michael has had enough of society. As a dreamer brought up on 80’s TV and movies, he has traded the ‘ordinary life’ to become an eccentric homeless loner, living off the grid in the sewers beneath his city because life just didn’t work out how he imagined.
For months he has been preparing for a great winter storm that he believes will bring about the end of mankind, returning the world to the animal kingdom.

And tonight it may just hit.

A devout animal lover, tired of mankind’s capitalist ways, Michael believes that the storm is the opportunity to bring about a revolution that will see nature return to the top of the food chain, wiping out man forever and all he needs to survive is £200 for a choice item but that’s harder to make than you think when the entire city has battened down the hatches.

As the temperature drops, Michael navigates the surface one final time, finding sustenance from burgling people’s homes while they are asleep and pawning their goods, capitalising on a shameless disregard for home security.

However,  it’s not just their possessions he wants but a twisted desire of people watching , when they are at their most vulnerable, he needs to feed.

Prowler is a perversely honest view of the modern world through the eyes of a twisted, social misfit, living outside of the social realms, making all manner of judgments on modern day culture and the frustrations of everyday life from religion and the economy to capitalism over climate and our senseless red tape culture.


BREAK OF DAWN - Budget £150k - £500k

A contained super natural thriller with a cast of 3.


A government assassin is hired to kill a mysterious married couple living in the middle of nowhere but his world is turned upside down when they return from the dead


After a failed suicide attempt after the death of his wife and son, Christian Turner frees himself of the shackles of the rat race and escapes London for the fresh air of Gehenna Lake deep in rural, snowy Scotland. 30 miles from anywhere. Soon he befriends David and Audrey, a couple staying in an enormous log cabin across the lake and after they invite him for dinner, Christian finds himself drawn to Audrey and the two engage in a torrid affair.


One night, while she is sleeping, Christian puts a pillow over her head and shoots her, burying her deep in the forest behind his house, the affair was a ploy. Christian is in fact an assassin for the government with specific orders to make the pair disappear. No questions asked.


The next day when Christian has David dead bang through the sights of a high powered rifle in his kitchen, Audrey appears behind David like nothing has happened. Bewildered, Christian drives in to the forest to investigate her grave only to find an empty hole.


Perplexed, Christian makes plans to leave only to run in to David who confronts him about the affair he has learned of. The two engage in a fight and Christian kills David and rushes to their house where he finds Audrey. Here he learns that the two are the final descendants of a bloodline of undead and that Audrey has been trying to part with David for centuries but ancient laws prevent her from killing him. When Christian goes to leave, Audrey refers to the bite mark she gave him during their night of passion and informs him that with the dawn of the next sun, he will turn into one of them. The only way to prevent this is to kill the head undead before sunrise, David.


When David returns to the house, what follows is a no holds barred fight for survival in the cabin as Christian and Audrey battle it out with David but David proves stronger and no match for Christian and eventually kills him just as the sun is about to rise. Before he flees with Audrey, David buries Christian’s dead body deep in the forest. But Christian may not be the lifeless corpse they think he is anymore and as the film ends, the loose soil on the surface of the grave suddenly stirs.

S N O W M A N - Proof of concept short film

SN O W M A N - Budget £150k - £500k


Kidulthood meets Death Wish


MICHAEL, an albino attacked by a gang of hoodies is saved from death when JAKE comes to his rescue. Outnumbered, both Jake and Michael end up in hospital together with serious injuries.

Here they bond and more importantly discuss the state of the justice system in society today.

Together Michael and Jake make a pact to act, both agreeing that justice must evolve.

However when Jake eventually dies from his injuries, Michael is left even more infuriated at a world that has cast him out because of his appearance.

Once out of the hospital he takes up a street fighting course with notorious former Martial Artist GARY ELLIS, learning the skills he needs to seek out the scum that attacked him.

Helped by Jakes estranged ex-girlfriend Morgane, with her own personal hatred for injustice. Michael vows to rid his attackers from this world, even if it means sacrificing his own life in the process and revealing to Morgane his true identity.

In this climate of Street Crime. Snowman explores how an ordinary man discovers his purpose in life through becoming an urban warrior. To stand against anti-social behaviour and criminals for a society without justice. A dark, gritty and violent yet inspiring and emotional story set against the backdrop of a decaying city’s dank urban sprawl.

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